As we had so much fun celebrating the forty year anniversary of The Amazing Push Poem last year in Tate Liverpool we decided it would be a great idea to visit Tate Exchange once again but this time with a new game for everyone to enjoy.

We brought along our trusty Push Poem which went down a treat but we also brought our new Fractured Sonnets Game.

A little more complicated than the Amazing Push Poem, it was somewhat of a brain teaser at times but visitors loved the challenge of creating a line  which fit the rhyme scheme and rhythm of the rest of the poem to create a cohesive piece! Click here to view visitors amazing poetic creations and learn more about the Fractured Sonnets Game works here

APPM at Tate 2016 256.jpg
APPM at Tate 2016 223.jpg
APPM at Tate 2016 260.jpg