The Amazing Push Poem Machine at Liverpool Pride

The streets of Liverpool came alive last weekend for the annual Liverpool Pride Festival. Windows joined in the fun, bringing The Amazing Push Poem Machine to festivalgoers of all ages. We hope you enjoy their poems as much as we do:

Wiggly nostrils eat yoghurt.

Monkeys only open pickled noodles during spring.


Naughty cats kiss eggy custard pies.

Quality jokes tickle pink cats.


Quantum oranges explode during every Christmas.

Icing reindeers gallop loudly,

alarming gorillas naughtily in peach costumes.


Young goats nibble lambs’ mighty itchy moustaches.


Young gays move dangerously.

Cats purr oddly and magically.


Horses run dangerously

like galloping oranges on purple mangoes

eating green lollipops.


Snakes bounce tragically, melting carrots

with deep grim ketchup.


Greedy neighbours eat doughnuts,

yelling “Calm down!”


Yoga keeps naughty puppies playing inside every sanctuary,

sleeping peacefully.

Patrick Graham

‘I write for fun, but it aint no joke. Because, what I write - makes the thought provoke.’


The above statement inspires me in all the writing work that I do.  As the saying states my writing, ‘...makes the thought provoke.’


This is used to engage people from various cultures, backgrounds and ages in performance poetry, facilitating drama and film workshops in schools, colleges, youth clubs, community centres/organisations and libraries in Liverpool and throughout the North West and further.  The workshops aim to empower participants making them part of the devising process of the performance, giving direction/guidance/stimuli/interpretation/realisation and then go on to dramatise these ideas via simple reading, performance or produce film.


Work has ranged from being commissioned to devise a poem (working with Merseyside Dance Initiative) which was performed at the Centenary celebrations for Liverpool Anglican Cathedral (2004) to working with Liverpool Community Spirit Youth Council creating 7 short films about the Seven Deadly Sins.


Most enjoyable and rewarding is enabling people to find their voice and express feelings which are otherwise hidden or suppressed via poem, story, song or film as storytelling is as old as humans themselves and has been around much longer than the written word itself.


Helping people to explore the world with funny or cryptic stories, poems etc. or be direct and straight to the point with hard hitting ones, but above all it’s making the voice interesting so that stories that may not be otherwise listened to by people can then be told in the varying formats, which then engage and ultimately captivates an audience.


Curtis Watt - May 2016

         Curtis and his Djembe

         Curtis and his Djembe

Curtis Watt

Ever since my mother was writing a book when I was a child (which, unfortunately, she didn’t get to finish), I wanted to have a go at writing. So at the age of 7 I wrote a poem called The Light of Life. Little did I know at the time that I would grow up to become a professional writer and workshop leader!

Now I spend most of my time writing and assisting others in their pursuit of that perfect poem, story, rap, song or speech. My work takes me up and down the country as well as abroad. I love meeting new people, doing book signings and performances, and helping people express their thoughts and feelings. I believe that as human beings we are born creative, but the structures of society, such as school and work, can accidentally overwhelm such natural abilities. My job as a creative coach isn’t, therefore, to teach people how to create but to remind them that they can.

Writing is such a therapeutic activity that I have witnessed what can almost be described as miracles, when people who don’t ordinarily engage or even speak in public overcome their social issues and seize the opportunity to share their work. So I don’t exaggerate when I say that writing, reading and listening can change lives for the better.

For me, there are few things as enjoyable as creating and telling riddle poems and poems about the invisible mechanisms behind social issues, as well as making people laugh. I also do rap sets, music recording and production, both capturing the authenticity in people’s voices and making them sound supernatural.

Thanks other artists I have worked with and organisations such as the Windows Project, my skills and experience never stop increasing. I hope to be a published novelist very soon and to continue creating word combinations that allow people to explore both the internal and external universe.