The Amazing Push Poem Machine at Liverpool Pride

The streets of Liverpool came alive last weekend for the annual Liverpool Pride Festival. Windows joined in the fun, bringing The Amazing Push Poem Machine to festivalgoers of all ages. We hope you enjoy their poems as much as we do:

Wiggly nostrils eat yoghurt.

Monkeys only open pickled noodles during spring.


Naughty cats kiss eggy custard pies.

Quality jokes tickle pink cats.


Quantum oranges explode during every Christmas.

Icing reindeers gallop loudly,

alarming gorillas naughtily in peach costumes.


Young goats nibble lambs’ mighty itchy moustaches.


Young gays move dangerously.

Cats purr oddly and magically.


Horses run dangerously

like galloping oranges on purple mangoes

eating green lollipops.


Snakes bounce tragically, melting carrots

with deep grim ketchup.


Greedy neighbours eat doughnuts,

yelling “Calm down!”


Yoga keeps naughty puppies playing inside every sanctuary,

sleeping peacefully.