The Amazing Push Poem Machine at Celebrating Bold Street

Women sunbathe inside,

however dinosaurs kidnap sensible dragons.

T-Rexes catch orange apples from wonderful holidays.


My ice-lollies have optimal arrangements

so universal diversity doesn't slide.


Long drums might bang together delightfully.

Hibiscus plays wilfully, giggling mischievously,

forever destroying sunlight slowly.


Equality matters in gigantic trees.

Forests forever know carefree revolutions,

always learning mindfully.


Peaceful love serenely kisses inside flowers.

Didgeridoos rasp fast air quickly through icy weather,

rapidly shifting tempests.


Happy liberty openly laughs,

lovingly persuading flamingos to karate-kick like demons!

Tents heat frazzled kale.


With Bethanie Culyer, John Hughes and Dave Ward

8th July 2018




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