Teacher’s Evaluation Forms: Written Feedback since 2003:


“This was one of the best activities I have ever experienced, in 30 years of teaching.  John (Hughes) was excellent…The children were 100% involved and are still talking about it now.  Excellent experience – will definitely have John in school again”  Annette Williams, Rock Ferry Primary School (March 2003 STAR EAZ Project) 

“The work provided by Curtis (Watt) was outstanding.  His dynamic approach was most successful in engaging and challenging students approaches to poetry… I felt, and the other co-ordinators agreed, that this was one of the most successful creative writing and arts residentials.”  Irene Dyer, Gifted & Talented Co-ordinator, West Derby Schools cluster (March 2003).

On Levi Tafari “Could not ask for better.  The students were positive and enjoyed all aspects.  The quality of the work done was evident in the end performance.  Will repeat next year”

On Alison Down “the students enjoyed the activities and the work with masks was challenging but very beneficial.  The performances at the end reflected the good work that had been done.  An excellent experience and we will use Alison next Whit time again”.  The Radclyffe School, Oldham (June 2003)

“The responses from 574 pupils who attended were all very positive, with pupils stating that the day was “inspiring”, “memorable” and “lots offun” .. it was an unforgettable and magical day for everyone”  Mary Kelso, Liverpool Literacy Consultant at Excellence in Cities Liverpool Schools Writers Festival. (July 2003)


Halsnead Primary (Dave Ward)

“The children enjoyed working with Dave and produced some good poems.  I was particularly pleased as he showed the children first draft copies of published poems.  Dave demonstrated not only the importance of editing work but in maintaining ideas too.” (Sept/Oct 2004)

Macketts Primary (John Hughes)

“The workshop was a fantastic success.  John Hughes was lively, entertaining and extremely interesting.  He kept the children motivated at all times, and the standard of work produced was superb.  More of the same please!!” (Sept/Oct 2004) 

“Levi (Tafari) was absolutely brilliant and made a huge impact on Year 8 and all the staff who were present.  His performance is energetic and energizing, but also thought provoking and challenging.  Our students couldn’t get enough of him.” Katherine Mawson, South Hunsley High School, Yorkshire

“The workshop was very successful and the writer (Dave Ward) worked very well with the children” Sally Boyd, Banks Road Primary School, Garston - Year 6 radio project (Nov 2004)


"The visit was a great success and immensely beneficial to pupils and myself as a teacher. Levi (Tafari) enabled those who participated to see their city through new eyes and imbued them with a creative confidence" Rob Chisnall, Walkden High School, Greater Manchester

(Jan 2005)

" I was extremely impressed by the ease at which Ross (Sutherland) handled the pupils, who were obviously interested in what he had to say. I would not hesitate to work with him again and I think his considerable talents are well suited to this kind of work"  Rob Chisnall, Walkden High School (Jan 2005)

 "This was our first time working with The Windows Project and certainly won't be our last. Everything went very smoothly and took a lot of the stress from my shoulders! Curtis Watt was excellent: the initial performance was appropriate and very enjoyable. The workshop was also just right - instructive and inspiring. We particularly appreciated Curtis' manner with the pupils: very natural and confident, entertaining but with just the right amount of supportive authority = a lovely combination. Thank you! (particularly to Siobhan for the recommendation)" Denise Stanton, Penwortham High School, Preston

 "Levi was extremely successful in engaging the vast majority of the young women at St Catherine's. I would like to book him again for the 1st week in August” Brenda Jones, St Catherine’s (Young Offenders Unit, St Helens) Feb / March 2005

 “A very enjoyable day which was enjoyed by both staff and pupils. I will definitely be using both Windows and John (Hughes) again. Many thanks.” Anita Vine, Moorhead High School, Accrington (Mar 2005)

“A fabulous day – Sherry (Ashworth) was excellent and the students produced a magazine by the end of the day.  The quality of the written work was wonderful and the students left school on a real high!” A Dudgeon, Parkside PS, Yorkshire (April 2005) 

“Dave (Ward) was an inspiration to the students – they have begun a piece of original writing for their GCSE in English, which is extremely helpful.  It was a real privilege to have Dave at the school – some students were in awe – inspired by his writing and asked for his autograph”  Belinda Ludlow, The Blue Coat School, Liverpool. ( June / July 2005)

“A huge thank you for your involvement in the “Different is Not a Crime” event … the day was anabsolute triumph and I felt privileged to be part of such a wonderful event” Anne Seneviratne, Outward Grange College, Wakefield -  various writers on a cultural diversity day (July 2005) 

 “This is the third time we have worked with Windows/John Hughes – very pleased with the results! The pupils were fully engaged and it fitted in perfectly with our summer school scheme and objectives.” Nicola Lewis, Kingsway School, Stockport (July 2005)

“John is an extremely likeable and pleasant person who fully engaged the children.  The class was encouraged to join in and lots of laughter could be heard coming from the session… the teacher has stated that the children are now fully motivated to work on their own stories and poems” B. Delaney, Bosco City Learning Centre. (Oct 2005)

“Excellent. Thank you for your friendly support in booking this excellent event” Mrs Eccleshall,

St James Primary School, Bootle (Oct 2005) 

“Stimulating and enjoyable. Pitched at just the right level.  An interesting variety of approaches to what was a fairly massive and general theme set for National Poetry Day.  Really helped develop pupils’ imaginations and they are in the process of producing some excellent poems for our school competition” Archbishop Blanch High School (Oct 2005)


Staff and children thoroughly enjoyed each of them, and, most telling was the hasty ‘Yes Please!’ when asked if they would like to have them back. Many thanks for all your help” Helen Hebden, Beaufort Park PS, various writers and artists. (June 2006)

It has been great to have Dave back in school. He is an inspiration to the students. They were all enthusiastic and we were delighted with the outcomes. It was an enjoyable experience for both the students and staff. Thank you” Belinda Ludlow, Blue Coat School, Liverpool (June 2006)

The two days were a great success, despite tropical temperatures!  Thank you for the service provided and it was a pleasure to work with John Hughes again.”  Katherine Poulton, Broughton Hall High School

  “The project has been evaluated by pupils and all recorded their enjoyment… The worksheets created by Mairie were excellent.  Staff who were in attendance also enjoyed the workshops.  Thank you very much for a most successful and enjoyable event”  Angela Topping, Upton Hall School FCJ

“One of the best educational visits I have known.  Yoshiko, as requested, shared a traditional Japanese tale before engaging children in simple origami work she learnt as a child.  She progressed to more difficult work, which all were able to complete… Thank you to all concerned for the excellent organization, help and information, which I am certain the school will be using on future occasions” AV Murphy, Holy Angels Primary School, Kirkby (July 2006)

“We really enjoyed Purvi’s (Parikh) visit. The children got a great deal from it. Many thanks.” Liz Greenwood, Millbrook School, Kirby (July 2006 

 “Siobhan (Twomey) put together a really interesting and informative workshop at the last moment –thanks for stepping in and for all the hard work!” Bellerive School FCJ, Liverpool (July 2006)

“… Your presence (Curtis Watt) was very much appreciated by all, and your performance I am sure will be an inspiration to our pupils.  We have been delighted with the positive feedback from pupils, parents and guests. Your presence undoubtedly made the evening a great success.” PT Bennett, Rockferry High School, Wirral (July 2006)


“I felt Patrick (Graham) related very well with the pupils engaging and encouraging them to think and express themselves.  The task given really enthused all present in the workshop and the confidence levels of the boys notably increased”

“Marc (Gee) was very pleasant, easily approachable and identified with the levels of the pupils with ease... Pupils enjoyed the workshops and asked many pertinent questions which Marc elaborated upon and the pupils were engrossed.”

“Oscar (Carrasco) engaged well with the schools most difficult of pupils and kept their focus while explaining the history of the drums”  Lower Lee Special School, Liverpool (March 2007)

 “I really enjoyed the experience and felt that the pupils really enjoyed it as well. They asked lots of questions and seemed genuinely interested in what Glyn (Wright) had to say.  He also inspired them to write their own poems later on that day” Childwall Sports College (March 2007)

An excellent day and one that allowed staff to take an observational standpoint to step back and see out students at work” Derek Livingstone, Knowsley Hey School (March 2007) 

“We had three excellent sessions from Levi (Tafari), even though pupils were in unfamiliar groupings – he worked very effectively with 3 very mixed groups in terms of age and ability… some of the more difficult pupils actually produced something worthwhile and were engaged by the session (one in particular insisted on staying after everybody had gone to lunch – so that he could complete the poem!) Many Thanks” N Tonkin, Head of English, Woolston High School, Warrington(July 2007)

Taffy (Thomas) held the pupils attention and his stories had them entranced”,

“Some excellent work resulted from Patrick’s (Graham) workshop”,

“Bill (Dawson) is a brilliant communicator.  His work with the pupils was pitched perfectly to their level”,

“Levi (Tafari) held the pupils attention well.  His workshop was enjoyable, entertaining and informative”  - Ian McKenzie, Lansburybridge Special School (Oct 2007)

“Dear Dave, Thank you for your help providing Taffy (Thomas) and John (Hughes). We certainly enjoyed having them both in our school and would welcome them visiting us again.  They were both well prepared and enthusiastic” – Debbie Midwood, Seaton Infant School, Workington, Cumbria (Oct 2007) 

“A great experience for the pupils. They all found it interesting, fun and engaging. Eleanor’s (Rees) visit has developed their knowledge and enthusiasm for poetry writing.  Thanks.”  Christina Stenhoff, Archbishop Beck High School (Dec 2007)


“John (Malam) engaged all the pupils across the ability range and the children looked forward to his arrival each week.  He had a very pleasant manner with the children which they responded to.  I would love to work with John again and I would most certainly recommend him to other schools”  -VK Robinson, Lunts Heath Primary School (Jan/Feb 2008) 

“ John (Hughes) is a brilliant storyteller and the children really enjoyed working with him during the day.  He used lots of techniques to involve the children in his stories and sessions.  The boys were particularly motivated and all children produced some excellent poems using techniques I will adapt in future lessons” - RJ Thomas, The Brow Primary School, Runcorn (Jan/Feb 2008) 

“The children enjoyed the workshop and gained a very good understanding of writing opening. They have now began to use their own experiences to write. It would be great to extend the work with the author” W. Burns, headteacher, St Brigids Primary School (Jan/Feb 2008)

“I loved it – Absolute quality – Inspirational.  I will be looking to use Taffy again at any future opportunity.” – Claire Bloomfield, St Edmund of Canterbury High School (Jan/Feb 2008)

 “Becky was well prepared and the children produced excellent work which was displayed immediately. The children and staffhad a great day” Jill Wright, Whitefield Primary School (Mar 2008)

 “Glyn’s workshop was superb! The tasks really developed the theme of the day ‘Identity’ and pupils wrote some fantastic pieces by the end of the session. Feedback from pupils was really positive.” Paula Radford, St Chad’s Catholic High School, Runcorn (Mar 2008)

“Levi’s energetic and charismatic performance of his poetry was entertaining and engaging for the pupils… It was wonderful for the pupils to experience a professional performance poet at work!”  Paula Radford, St Chad’s Catholic High School, Runcorn (Mar 2008)

[1] “Some of the pupils had SEN and found writing difficult, however Curtis’ support helped them to achieve well for their ability. A small number of pupils were difficult but the majority engaged well and benefited enormously from the experience. Curtis was a good role model for the students. I thoroughly enjoyed his performances. PW Lewis, Senior Teacher, Childwall School (Mar 2008)

[1] “Alison (Chisholm) related very well to the pupils. Our group was the lower ability and Alison was able to communicate in such a manner that pupils responded very well. The activities were appropriate to the topic” Head of Yr7, Archbishop Beck High School (Mar 2008)

“The sessions stimulated their imaginations which was great. Hilary (Keating) was engaging and the kids responded well” Catherine Lewis,  Oakfield Primary School (Oct 2007)


“An excellent day. A very successful performance which engaged the audience well. Followed by three very useful workshops which generated a lot of written work to be completed in class.” D. Baird, West Kirby Residential Special School (Jan 2009)

“We loved having John come and work with us. He told us lots of stories, as requested. Lots of humour! The Yr1/2 children will be telling some of his stories as homework.” Maxine Jordan, Mount Primary School (Jan 2009)

On Alison Down : “A brilliant day – pupils engaged throughout – even though we had to work in less than ideal room. Very good stimulus materials – poems performed and read. This yr7 class really took to the writer and produced a group poem and a poem each, published a class anthology and took it home proudly at the end of the day. Thank you.” Ros Harmsworth(plus letters from girls enclosed), Archbishop Blanch High School (Feb 2008)

On Levi Tafari: “The boys were very engaged during the workshops and enjoyed watching Levi perform his own work. Levi was very energetic and this helped the boys to produce some great work. They thoroughly enjoyed the day and have since turned their work into a booklet.” M Phillips, Woodchurch High School, Wirral (March 2008)

“An enjoyable workshop! Patrick (Graham) had a natural rapport with the pupils. The class produced some impressive poetry and all were engaged.” T.Lowe, Litherland High School (July 2009)

Glyn’s (Wright) material and approach suited the age and life experience of the group. He did very well to elicit responses from all the pupils in a mixed ability class. Excellent redition of car crash/chase poem. Didn’t manage to stop the obsessive rhyming though! Kids… what can you do?”  Peter Ibison, Litherland High School (July 2009)

On Cathy MacPhail “The girls really enjoyed their visit and gained an awful lot from it. They were exceptional in their responses which was lovely to see. Thanks for inviting us” Holly Lodge School

 “Frank (Cottrell Boyce) is very skilled at engaging his audience; his readings are humorous and he responds to pupils well. He raises their self esteem with tons of praise and is willing to give extra by signing books and chatting to all those who want to meet him. As always, a great event! Parklands School, Booked Up Liverpool Event (Nov 2009) 

“Dave Ward was very inspiring and his poems made the children laugh.  Lots of children were still talking about it after he was gone and Y6 work from the workshop was excellent. Thank you for a supermorning” Astbury St Mary’s PS, Congleton  (Nov 2009)


“An excellent and fruitful visit. Very happy with the results and Joe’s  (Standerline) input. Thank you” Jason Robinson, South Wirral High School (Jan 2010)

“The visit was a hugh success. Levi was brilliant! Entertaining, engaged the students and made personification fun. The students responded very well and produced some excellent work, which they performed to the rest of their year group. We would use Levi again in the future” Carla Smith, Bankfield High School, Widnes (Jan 2010)

On Curtis Watt “The poetry slam proved to be a hit with both Y7 pupils and staff.  It was a fantastic event which we feel really motivated pupils and resulted in 60 pupils performing” Alyson Williams, Cowley Language School (Jan/Feb 2010)

“This is the first time our school has worked with Windows – thank you! It was a fantastic day having Levi (Tafari) in our school; the pupils (and staff) loved his work!” Natalie Bradshaw, Birkdale High School, Southport (Feb 2010)

We had a fantastic day in which John played a big part.  He became involved in whole school activities and spoke at the celebration assembly to which parents attended – they were very impressed we had an author/poet.  All staff who worked with John thought he was marvellous – he really inspired, encouraged and motivated the children (and staff).”  Jan Leonard, Sudley Infant School (Mar 2010)

“An excellent day! Jean (Hilton) engaged the whole school with her performance, from KS1 to post 16.  A number of our older pupils commented to Jean how much they had enjoyed the performance and thanked her individually.  The workshops were also very successful, with even some quite reluctant pupils listening and participating in the sessions. Jean was very confident working with complex pupils and delivered a programme appropriate to a wide range of abilities and ages.” Debbie Baird, West Kirby Residential Special School (Mar 2010)

“A very successful visit.  Alan (Gibbons) engaged all the pupils during his performance from primary pupils to post 16.  All pupils and staff thoroughly enjoyed the day….” West Kirby Residential School (April 2010) 

“As previously Levi  (Tafari) was outstanding! He left the children wanting more!! The standards of his workshop were excellent. He has given a whole new meaning of poetry to the school.” P. Johnson, Holy Rosary Primary School (Mar 2010)

“Levi was fantastic. Charismatic, engaging and entertaining. ….. One of the best days of my career! Thank you” Belinda Ludlow, Blue Coat School (Oct 2010)

“Just to say that this year’s day was the best ever. Levi (Tafari), Curtis (Watt), Taffy (Thomas) and Bill  (Dawson) were absolutely excellent. The feedback from pupils and staff was extremely positive. The pupils had a fun day with lots of good quality learning taking place” Ian Mackenzie, Lansburybridge School, (Oct 2010)

“Yoshiko was excellent and the girls really enjoyed themselves, they were very enthusiastic.  The teachers and myself joined in the workshop too. The head of Art said she would like to have Yoshiko back again into school” Sue Biggs, Upton Hall School (Nov 2010)

“Other classes would love to be involved with the project. The ‘hands-on’ multi-sensory approach using a variety of unusual artefacts added stimulus and interest. The enthusiasm and friendly manner of the writer (Alison Down) put the children at their ease and produced wonderful poetry.” C. Marshall, teacher of visiting Yr9 pupils (autistic spectrum) to Botanic Gardens Museum, Southport (Nov 2010)