Why Invite a Writer?

***Book a poet now for NATIONAL POETRY DAY, THURSDAY 3rd OCTOBER 2019***

**Book a writer now for WORLD BOOK DAY, THURSDAY 5th MARCH 2020**

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Founded in 1976, The Windows Project works with experienced poets, novelists, storytellers, screen-writers, playwrights and artists with all age-groups in a wide range of educational settings.

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A visiting writer can help pupils with:

•  planning, drafting and revising
•  writing for different audiences
•  writing in a range of styles
•  analysing critically their own and others’ writing



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Bringing a writer into your school can:

  • expand creativity

  • improve literacy skills

  • help develop communication skills

  • encourage reading

  • stimulate imagination

  • enhance self-esteem

  • demonstrate writing techniques

A writer can visit your school for:

•  World Book Day
•  National Poetry Day
•  National Storytelling Week
•  Arts, Cross-curricular and Multicultural Weeks
•  A one-off workshop on open or specific theme
•  Author’s reading  
•  Question and answer sessions
•  Long term residency
•  Teacher Training


To book a writer for your school visit our School Bookings page for more information.